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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Freedom of Life

On the article “The Deep Dig”, we learn about how deep are you have a dream and how deep can you want to reach your dream. We hope right now, you have a Freedom of your Dream, finally you have a freedom for reach your dream. You can reach as soon as possible. The and of your dream is a real think about everything you get from a dream you have. The Dream comes true for you. Not the only your dream, maybe some dream of your family, how people loves you.

A people as you, Must be have a big dream about Freedom of your life. What do you want to reach first? A freedom of your children study?. A freedom to go to any place you want, in domestic area or foreign area? A freedom of your social life? A freedom to give your time for your family, or your children or your couple.

The point is anda mungkin ingin memiliki sebuah financial freedom for you family. So we give you the other challenge for your life right now. You just see some Testimonial from the success family, because they used the other challenge what their friend gives to them. We are looking from the internet how people can get a Financial Freedom on their live.

So, we give you some suggest, of the others challenge at this Website, www.freedom.ws/djatisampoerna, or from Movie or from Ticket to find your freedom of your life and please read patiently and we thinks, you have a good decision for it.

This is the only others challenge for you.

A Freedom of Life

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Power of Life

Every people in this world have some power and we call The Power of life.
We must to keeping and make The Power still growing up to make a little change, step by step, not even you, maybe for your social life activity, and maybe the other people a round can change too...

The Power of Life have 2 activity, inside and outside, (In Indonesia we call Lahir dan Batin). at Inside activity is the connection with GOD (if you believe...), its about filling, its about what you want, dream, and what target to get receive. To create and get the power inside, we must learn at practice every day, not to long, maybe 1 hour / day would be give you many change for your life an living.

Outside activity is connecting what he have to make a change, some people may have tools, works, power to work, and etc, and its talk about what are you using for take a chance to make a little change. The Outside Power can grow up with adding some tools, some power, to increase what target as you set for. Same like the inside power, the outside power must be maintain day by day.

And the Questions IS: Would you change to starting for a better life n living?

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Daya Hidup

Dipersembahkan kepada mereka yang menghendaki hidup ini berjalan terus.
Bukan "Berani Mati" tetapi "BERANI HIDUP"

Tiada nasib menjadi milik kita, jika kita tanpa usaha...